The COVID-19 depression’s and the financial future for cannabis is here summarized, in terms of its impact on financial record-keeping and tax reporting.
Green Market Report

  • To catch everyone up: Questionably conceived and poorly executed, Prop. 64 legalized REC. Then, regulation of adult-use cannabis, too, was not implemented well. The industry has since expanded dramatically and “made a precipitous downturn inevitable.” All pre-quarantine.
  • In comparison, every California market is a lot closer to normalcy than Nevada.
  • The series’ remaining three sections address adjusting to the COVID-19 new normal, approaches to maximizing profitability, and the impact of the coronavirus on social-equity programs.

Quick Hits

  1. For a macro-view of what Golden State chaos looks like, have a gander at our Los Angeles flavor. Legal weed in L.A. somehow manages to be out of control and glacial, at once.
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  2. Meanwhile, in San Diego sales were down even before Comic-Con, a legal weed economy pick-me-up, was canceled for July