As the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, Canadian stock markets suffered their worst day since 1940, dropping 12% on Thursday alone. This registered in the sector as double-digit declines for all 12 major LPs followed by BNN Bloomberg.
Bloomberg, Twitter–David George-Cosh

This would be bad news at the best of times, but as Bloomberg‘s Kristine Owram said, this is especially worrisome for post-legalization legal REC, where many companies are already struggling to survive.
Twitter–Kristine Owram

The safety of cannabis-sector employees is on everybody’s minds. BC LP Tantalus Labs’ CEO Dan Sutton posted his company’s COVID-19 policy to Twitter and encouraged others to do the same. Cannabis geneticist Ryan Lee called for all companies to follow Tantalus’s lead by posting their COVID-19 policies as well. They didn’t.
Twitter–Dan Sutton, Ryan Lee