Counterfeit vape cartridges are yet another problem bedeviling the California industry. Many of L.A.’s 500+ unlicensed dispensaries are selling imitationscounterfeit versions of brands like Heavy HittersStiiizy and Brass KnucklesNBC reports.

In some cases, the imitations were so well rendered, the companies themselves struggled to tell the difference. However, the story found all of the fakes to contain “large amounts of dangerous pesticides, banned by the state for use on marijuana.” One fake contained an illegal amount of lead.

  • It seems likely that these fakes have made it into other states as well.
  • L.A. and Gov. Gavin Newsom are cracking down on illegal shops but it remains challenging, especially since many cities and counties don’t allow legal REC retailers.

The N.Y. Times says the California’s illegal market is boomingThe East Bay Express says “the state basically keeps calling the cops on itself.”

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