Though its present value may be primarily symbolic, Oregon’s newly-passed interstate commerce bill is of monster significance. The state — famously awash in its fine, fine cannabis — bet on itself in passing SB 582. Oregon is poised to capitalize on federal legalization occurs.

“The future of this industry is that cannabis will primarily be grown where it grows best, and most efficiently, and most sustainably. That’s what functioning legal markets do,” said Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) the bill’s sponsor.
Marijuana Moment

  • While federal legalization is the obvious avenue for the agreement to go into effect, the legislation is written to allow for the possibility of a Justice Department decision that “allows or tolerates interstate transfer of marijuana items.”
  • Importers from Oregon must border the state. So potential destinations include California, Washington and Nevada, but not Idaho for a while at leastOregon anytime soon. (Idaho, which lacks legal weed, also borders Oregon.)
  • The product would be transferred by road, not air.

Quick Hit

  1. At the start of last year, California had only one publicly traded cannabis company operating in the state. As of today, some of the nations’ largest multi-state operators are here, and many more are targeting this land for expansion. But you knew that already.