After circulating an anti-union white paper amongst its membership, the California Cannabis Industry Association is experiencing major Capitol backlash. Both the California Labor Federation and state’s International Brotherhood of Teamsters have asked state Dems not to work with the organization.

“When I saw this white paper from CCIA, I was very disappointed and frankly worried about what the future holds,” said Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), a force in weed policy.
Los Angeles Times

  • According to the labor organizations’ letter, the CCIA, which represents 500 companies, including ancillary businesses, published a document that undermines the legal requirement that licensed businesses with more than 20 employees enter into a “labor peace agreement” which gives employees the opportunity to organize.
  • The circulated document, called “Tips for Cannabis Business Owners negotiating a Labor Peace,” includes ideas for interfering with the state’s labor peace component and alleges that unionized shops limit flexibility and drive up costs.

CCIA executive director Lindsay Robinson called sending the document a mistake and said the white paper has been retracted.


Quick Hits

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