Farmer and the Felon is CannaCraft‘s self-referential flower product’s name. More than a clever moniker, Farmer and the Felon has distinguished itself in philanthropy, giving thousands to forward-looking causes such as the Last Prisoner Project
Green Entrepreneur

  • A bit like the first Will Smith album, Dennis Hunter is the felon and Ned Fussell plays the farmer for the new flower. Hunter earned the felon role in 1998, when feds raided his Humboldt County grow. Fussell is part of OSC2, One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community.
  • Of the branding, Fussell says, “It’s a play on words. The paradigm we are living in is, when making the decision to be a farmer and grow cannabis, you’re consciously or subconsciously accepting the fate that the title felon could easily follow.”
  • Hunter and Fussell have donated $30,000 to the Last Prisoner Project. 

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  1. Possessor of the nation’s biggest bar association and the world’s largest cannabis market, the state can finally guide attorneys who advise weed companies on how to both represent their clients and protect their licenses. Expect far-reaching impacts.
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