Using technology exclusively licensed from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver company Cannabix announced it was developing a portable THC breath analyzer “ideally suited for workplace, parental, and personal use testing.”
Globe NewsWire

  • Cannabis HR expert Erin Gratton argued, “To market this product to employers in this fashion is dangerous. It puts Canadians’ workplace rights and protections at risk.”
  • She accused the company of fostering fear and stigma in a video where its co-president falsely said, “Use of marijuana is as high as alcohol in our society.”
    Twitter—Erin Gratton

Under Canadian law, only employees in safety-sensitive workplaces may be subject to drug tests. For all other workers, drug tests are considered to violate employee rights.
Ontario Human Rights Commission

Quick Hits

  1. Newfoundland paper the Telegram profiled Atlantic Canada’s responses to a year of legalization. In Nova Scotia, one in four has bought legal REC, though many continue to buy on the illicit market.
  2. BC’s municipalities still haven’t gotten their share of cannabis excise taxes, though on the upside apparently Vancouverites who live in RVs are now growing weed in them. Good for them.
    Globe and Mail, Vancouver is Awesome