Researchers are trying to quantify the amount of cannabis that the average resident user consumes, each day. The goal is to determine more accurate safety levels for pesticides.
Capital Public Radio 

  • Pesticide levels in cannabis have been on the Department of Pesticide Regulation’s radar since REC went legal in 2016. Unlike fruits and vegetables, no federal pesticide guidelines exist for cannabis. 
  • If California consumes significantly more cannabis than initially thought, the Pesticide Regulation department might reduce how much growers can use, spokesperson Charlotte Fadipe said.
  • Beginning in January, Department of Pesticide Regulation and Sacramento State researchers will set up tables at dispensaries and ask volunteers questions about their marijuana use. A $20 gift card will be offered for anonymously sharing their daily weed habits. (Some of you do similar sharing on social media for no tangible compensation at all.)

Quick Hit

  1. The slow tilt toward the majority of municipalities participating in REC is coming, town by town. First, San Luis Obispo joined Morro Bay and Grover Beach in permitting REC businesses. And it’s not just coastal towns. Manteca in San Joaquin County might be in as well. Does that boost your optimism?
    The Cuestonian/Manteca Bulletin