Legacy critics argued the Cannabis Council of Canada crossed a line in urging the federal government to increase enforcement against illicit markets, and asking provincial and federal governments to “prioritize the closure and removal of both illegal brick and mortar stores” and illicit online dispensaries.
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In Quebec, investigations have revealed a burgeoning illicit trade in selling MED prescriptions, people associated with the Hell’s Angels operating an apparently illicit MED consultation clinic, and other biker-affiliated characters growing MED (and selling it).
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  1. Rolanda Elijah, director of lands and environment for the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, argued in Policy Options that a system of First Nations REC regulation might offer an opportunity to fix the decades-long conflict over tobacco in First Nations. Elijah suggested a comprehensive system of First Nations–led regulations for both cannabis and tobacco on-reserve.
    Policy Options
  2. The Quebec Cannabis Industry Association estimated the CAQ Quebec government’s decisions to restrict edibles and extracts in the province while raising the age for consumption to 21 will cost the Quebec economy $300M per year.
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