The Associated Press finds a couple of legalization refugees who fled Humboldt County for Oklahoma. It’s because Oklahoma is one of the easiest places to run a cannabis business.

  • “A combination of factors — including a remarkably open-ended law and a red state’s aversion to government regulation — have created such ideal conditions for the cannabis industry that entrepreneurs are pouring in from states where legal weed has been established for years,” Sean Murphy writes.
  • Six percent of the state’s 4M residents have a MED card, and opening a dispensary is as easy as opening a taco stand. A dispensary license costs $2,500, can be filled out online and is approved within two weeks.
  • Oklahoma has 2,300 dispensaries, the second most per capita after Oregon.
  • University of Oklahoma football coach Lincoln Riley essentially called for college sports to update their marijuana policy.
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California, which has about 600 dispensaries, saw pot taxes exceed $1B in 2019. WW California has more.
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