Early in the month, Grass Lands made money hand over fist at San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival. What does this success portend for other music and sporting events?

  • A final sales tally for the three-day event  is hard to come by, but one Outside Lands booth claims to have sold out of 10,000 dabs and 10,000 nugs, priced at $10 each.
  • Emerald Cup impressario Jim Lewi observes that the cannabis beverage revolution may take place at events. “All of the infrastructure already exists in these huge sports structures; there are already coolers, heaters, stoves, and pizza ovens, so you can do low-dose THC or CBD or a combination thereof for mixes in drinks. My point being, this will become standard operating procedure at all live events someday.”
  • Promoters and agents have begun to partner with cannabis brands. However — as with so many things Mary Jane related — the federal government’s banking ban impedes plans and investments from fulfilling their potential.