About 90 percent of vaping hardware comes from China, and the developing stories of Cornavirus impact on the equipment’s production raises eyebrows. One “offshoring” East Coast operator is looking at 10-18 week delays in a supply chain that, like so many makers of vapes, starts in China.  Greenhouse Wellness had six months of product supplies in reserve. How many California vape makers have that?
Cannabis Business Times

  • Irvine CPA Simon Dufour said, “In the cannabis industry, the biggest components that make any sale possible—beyond the cannabis itself—are hardware (like vape pens and cartridges) and packaging… “Unfortunately, the supply chain for these critical elements has been massively crippled by the spread of the coronavirus in China and the subsequent industry shutdowns.”
  • The crisis could lead to vape manufacturers following clothing manufacturers and bringing their supply facilities to Mexico or otherwise closer to home. 
  • Simultaneously, ready American hemp growers are poised to turn China’s misfortune into American bounty.
  • Cannabis conferences are being impacted by concerns over the virus