“I became a cop to help people. This is going to help people,” says cop-turned-dispensary-owner Rich Eaton. He’s just become one of the Coachella Valley’s most interesting dispensary owners.
Desert Sun

  • Addressing the elephant in the vape room — The Vault has no actual vape room — Eaton feels a notable lack of culpability. “I don’t feel I would be viewed as a hypocrite because no one could ever say that I ruined anybody’s life by arresting them for cannabis,” he said. 
  • Should you visit The Vault — and the place appears lovely — feel free to quiz Eaton on the culpabilities of police paperwork processing, then write an academic thesis on that. 

Quick Hit

  1. Despite 30,000 tourists passing through daily, the desert town of Needles has rejected a plan to establish a consumption lounge within its boundaries. Among the expressed concerns was that offering weed would give a prohibitive economic advantage over restaurants that do not. 
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