Wired says the controversy at Oregon cannabis start-up Phylos Bioscience shows how “the science and technology of mainstream agriculture is about to revolutionize marijuana.

  • It notes that investments from Big Ag, once cannabis is legal, will make it “extremely difficult” for legacy growers to compete.
  • Phylos CEO Mowgli Holmes said the company aims to develop blight-resistant strains that will be “widely available and very affordable.”
  • “But unfortunately for Holmes, these potential positives for small-scale growers were overshadowed by a creeping fear that Phylos would use genomic data [provided to it by growers] for its own gain, and that it would adopt the tactics of despised Big Ag companies. Or maybe even become part of one.”
  • On the Benzinga video which ignited the controversy, Holmes introduced advisory board members including one who had worked for [global Ag company] Syngenta for years, and another who was VP of technology acquisition at the merged Dow and DuPont. “Having these guys around is just critical for us, because we’re building a company that is ultimately going to be acquired by that universe.” Holmes said he was misunderstood in that he was talking about producing mass market oils and similar products, not craft flower.
  • Phylos’ few industry supporters include Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt.