The Atlantic discusses why presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “won’t inhale” on legalization, despite it being a “surefire way to boost turnout.”

  • Current and former aides say, “All that’s stopping Biden is public health. He’s read the studies, or at least, summaries of the studies (campaign aides pointed me to this one). He wants to see more. He’s looking for something definitive to assure him that legalizing won’t lead to serious mental or physical problems, in teens or adults.”
  • Biden favors decriminalizing cannabis use, expunging records for low-level offenses and allowing states to determine their own REC laws. He also wants to remove marijuana from schedule I, which would likely accelerate MED research.
  • The Trump administration doesn’t support any of these measures.
  • Politico says the Democrats’ left flank “got rolled” by Team Biden on legalization and other law enforcement priorities. 

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Quick Hit

  1. With REC legalization gaining momentum in Pennsylvania, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) has become a champion of the cause.