Several standards above the norm. That’s MJBiz’s description of California sales between the first Monday of 2020 and March 9. The increase in REC sales on those Mondays was 71% higher than last year. 

Right now, forward-looking companies aren’t reveling in the spike or new normal or whatever this is, they’re thinking about the transition to online sales and delivery.
MJ Biz Daily

  • Part of the sales surge is pressure on Internet business that not every entrepreneurial enterprise is ready for. Smart store owners have assessed inventory daily, as part of either opting for order increases or the decision to play it cool and not get ahead of an evolving legal framework.
  • Drive-through commerce is a sleeper dispensary alternative. Harborside’s Desert Hot Springs dispensary, of two drive-thru dispensaries in the state, saw exceptional traffic this week
  • Colorado Harvest CEO Tim Cullen spoke in opposition to haphazard delivery set-ups. “I want to see delivery rolled out with a thoughtful approach,” he said.

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  1. You knew that cancellation of of the April 20 celebration on San Francisco’s Hippie Hill was coming. But when the official news broke, you felt a bit deflated anyway. 
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