“A statement needed to be made.” Anyone who laid eyes on the chaotic looting of Cookies on Melrose, and then listened to chain co-founder Berner’s thoughtful response, knows there are costs to pay on the road to a just society. 
Instagram/Marijuana Moment

  • “As a human living in the world we’re living in today, I cannot expect anything less until justice is served,” said the rapper/entrepreneur. “See, we can rebuild our store, but you can not bring someone back to life. 
  • Instagram shows the Los Angeles dispensary being broken into, with — primarily black — people hopping a protective fence as looters stream in and out of the store. Cops drive by, but no looters are seen being busted. 
  • A commenter remarked: “Someone had good insurance, lol, otherwise I’m sure this would sound different.” To which Berner replied, “Nah man, the world is a fucked up place. … This is from the heart homie.”