Craft growers and their advocates continue to argue for BC to implement a “craft cannabis policy reset.” They believe the craft movement could create thousands of jobs and urge the provincial government to sign off on a plan to bring 30% of licensed MED growers into the craft REC system.
Vancouver Sun

BC minister of public safety Mike Farnworth announced an update to orders giving BC’s anti-cannabis squad (the “Community Safety Unit”)the power to target the landlords of buildings in which unlicensed dispensaries operate.
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Quick Hits

  1. Hydro-Quebec announced it would give preferential electricity rates to greenhouses within the province—including those growing cannabis. The plan will hopefully reduce energy costs for growers as much as 40%.
    Montreal Gazette

  2. Alberta’s cannabis wholesaler stopped carrying REC chocolates for the summer months due to products melting. The Ontario Cannabis Store could learn from them. (BC’s cannabis regulator has refrigerated trucks.)
    MJ Biz Daily, Twitter–@CoreyHerscu, @DrowBB

  3. If you’re an Ontario LP hoping to profit from farm-gate sales, lawyer Trina Fraser explained the fine print.