Want to stop coming off like someone who’s standing on third base and thinks they’ve hit a triple? Get less half-assed about interrogating your privilege, like White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo. And if you ain’t white tell a white friend.
Teaching Tolerance

  • Illicit weed is plenty diverse. What legal pot has is a diverse service staff; the help is a rainbow. Superficial understandings of how American racism functions makes folks defensive. “When we understand racism as a system that we have been raised in and that its impact is inevitable, it’s really not a question of good or bad,” she said. “It’s just, ‘I have it. I have been socialized into it.’ And so, ‘What am I going to do about it?’”
  • “You cannot prove somebody’s intentions. They might not even know their intentions. And if they weren’t good, they’re probably not going to admit that,” according to DiAngelo. She stresses guarding against complacency. “The question I ask is, “How does [the act] function?” The impact of the action is what is relevant.