History may recognize winter’s end of 2020 as the close of legal weed’s rough opening, though anyone who has tried to make money in this state is not going to tempt fate by easing up on the gas.

What’s undeniable is that Oakland’s Harborside is one of many California retailers who’ve been hiring back employees they only recently laid off, in addition to taking in record money. Feel free to knock wood.

  • Denver saw sales spike 120%, while California has seen flower, edibles, and beverages fly off shelves. Harborside’s Steve DeAngelo says his Southern California drive-through location “is a very popular place to buy cannabis in the Coachella Valley right now.” 
  • One state not carrying the California torch is Nevada. As much as 80% of business in the cannabis hub of Clark County comes from Las Vegas tourists.
  • Troubled Med Men Enterprises‘ stock price has doubled, to about 30 cents, since the nation began shutting down.