Times for hemp are turbulent enough that it’s not always an awesome idea to include the standard warranty “each party shall comply with all state, federal, and local laws and regulations”—which you might, in a parallel universe, think would be pretty safe.

Two hemp cases have emphasized the importance of completely understanding state law—before a contract is executed—as never before.
Project CBD

  • “Each party agrees that it will never assert as a defense in any litigation or dispute resolution forum the position that this agreement is unenforceable, void or voidable because the subject of this contract involves, in any way, cannabis, marijuana, CBD or industrial hemp.” Keep that language in your back pocket.

Quick Hit

  1. Florida vs. California pot culture riffing is the weed equivalent of race jokes that go, “[INSERT RACIAL GROUP] are like this, while [INSERT COMEDIAN’S PEOPLE] are like that.” Unfulfilling, because the plant, like humans, doesn’t take to being summed up. Anyway, you might dream up funny Golden vs. Sunshine yuks after reading these four distinctions
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