America’s blooming love affair with cannabis has created 243,700 full-time-equivalent jobs  — along with Shiva knows how many illicit gigs — as of last month. According to a new report, 33,7000 of those jobs came in this tumultuous year.

California remains the national cannabis employment leader, even as contraction made one in five Golden State jobs move off the legal-pot radar and into the gray. With 39,804 jobs created, according to the report, we lead the less drama-driven Colorado market by more than 5k gigs.

  • Generally optimistic in its 2020 California outlook, Leafly reminds that the sunsetting of our caregiver law moved 8,000 workers from legal status to non-legal.
  • While the Golden State is indeed tops in producing jobs, the growth signals lay beyond our young market’s borders. “Both Colorado and Washington posted strong 8% growth six years after their retail stores opened, indicating that legal stores are still drawing customers away from illicit sellers,” according to the report. Colorado cannabis employs one job per 165 residents while California residents working in the industry are one in 980.

Quick Hit

  1. Here’s what the state’s largest greenhouse looks like. It’s from the Glasshouse Group.
  1. Before cannabis equity was even a thing, Crescent Alliance Self Help for Sickle Cell cofounder Sister Somayah Kambui was a racial justice pioneer. Targeted by law enforcement while helping sufferers of sickle-cell anemia, she was an activist before recognition became assured.
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