In an otherwise rote opening round of takes on regulation and federal legalization, Papa and Barkley co-founder Guy Rocourt and Seth Adler, host of the impeccably-produced Cannabis Economy podcast spoke about social equity in unsentimental terms. Performative wokeness, this is not.
Cannabis Economy

  • People of color in and around West Coast legal weed circa 2019 have previously heard the mixed company version. Why can’t more be done? (A quick answer is that California could have started out offering $20M available in small business loans, as Illinois has.)
  • Apparently referring to the state level Rocourt says “there should have been just a tax thing. There’s so much emphasis put on incubating and job creation for minorities. I feel like for companies the best and easiest thing to do is just put a tranche of money into something and have leadership at the state level dole that money out to qualified [Equity] applicants.” He added, “I’m very happy to say it’s still part of the conversation, it’s not forgotten about.”