In the world of what trends, last week some of us got chicken sandwiches and some of us got volume-smoking numbers out of Mike Tyson’s weed camp. The latter conversation elicited a question: Is the champ-turned-entrepreneur’s claims enviable, or even possible?

Ngaio Bealum has perspective on the matterSacramento News & Review

  • First, the math: “Assuming Tyson gets his weed at cost, since he runs a weed farm these days, really good (good is subjective) weed is about $2,500 per pound wholesale, so the champ and his friends would be going through roughly 16 pounds a month. Sixteen pounds is a lot, so my first question is: How many friends does he have?”
  • Sorry, more math. Let’s say — in your best elementary school voice—Mike Tyson has 40 friends. “There are 28.5 grams in an ounce. Figure that a good-sized joint weighs a gram, and that’s 171 joints per person per month, or 5.7 fat joints a day. Still a lot. So either Tyson is exercising hyperbole for dramatic effect, or he should really consider taking a tolerance break.”