Historically in America it takes a crisis to propel integration. This could be one of those moments.

Under quarantine, delegations of racially diverse cannabis stakeholders have organized and started to make some noise, calling out their political representatives at the national and local levels. It’s a development equal parts heartening and horrifying, a signifier of just how challenging circumstances are. 
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  1. On Monday, the Marijuana Justice Coalition insisted via letters to Congress that future COVID-19 stimulus packages include small-business loans to the cannabis sector as well as lending services through the Small Business Administration.
  2. In a letter dated April 23, the California State Conference of the NAACP, Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches and the Southern California Coalition warned Gov. Newsom that the coronavirus crisis’s economic fallout will disproportionately hit women and communities ravaged by the War on Drugs. The letter requests a healthy tax cut.

This is what democracy looks like, you people.

Quick Hit

  1. Lake County is trying to figure out what to do with its $150,000 in social equity funding while Humboldt County decides about its $2.4M grant from a pool of funding from Sacramento. Even in the whitest parts of California, social equity isn’t simple
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