From New York to Seattle, cannabis delivery professionals are burnishing their status as essential American workers, putting themselves at above-normal physical risk, and not getting the recognition now routinely handed out to our nation’s cashiers.

Reading how delivery services around the nation are contending with safety issues at this unprecedented time is eye-opening. One California deliverer, however, drilled down on things often unsaid.
New York Times

  • driver Curtis Gardner, 26, said the six-foot distancing rule often goes unfollowed. “I’d be lying if I said I thought that I would be 100 percent OK dealing with all of these people and going to their houses.”
  • Doorstep deliveries are the norm, but sometimes his texts go unanswered. In those doorway transactions, Gardner folds cash payments into a bag, with gloved hands. He hands his card terminal to the customer on card transactions, then turns over the product and removes his gloves.