Last Friday the federal court for the Ninth District upheld a decision preventing the federal government from prosecuting two Humboldt County growers, who were arrested back in 2012 while operating under California MED law.

This the first U.S. Appeals court ruling to prohibit federal cannabis prosecution under congressional restrictions.
SF Chronicle 

  • Anthony Pisarski and Sonny Moore were busted at their remote grow carrying guns, thousands in cash, and gold. The two also presented evidence that they grew marijuana for nearby nonprofit collectives.
  • The growers pled guilty in 2014, but budgetary and congressional delays slowed their prosecution. Their lawyer, Ronald Richards, says a request that the pleas be withdrawn will be made. 
  • “People are still going to prison for marijuana offenses, notwithstanding the fact that most states have medical marijuana laws and many states have legalized marijuana,” Richards says. “This ruling paves the way for others to challenge these prosecutions and not have the decision upset by an appellate court reweighing the evidence.”

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