WaPo has the latest on cannabis cookbooks, which have become very ambitious:

You could make the tower of maple-cream canna-puffs in “The 420 Gourmet.” Or infused blueberry-lemon maracons — a confection that can be hard for regular cooks to master even without the weed — from “Edibles.” Having company over? “Bong Appetit” suggests you make an infused whole sea bream stuffed with cannabis leaves, or poach a four-pound octopus in infused cannabis oil.

Jen Doll advises against edibles on the third date.

The first “bong symphony” didn’t go well.
merry jane

Hip-hop icon Fab 5 Freddy has a new cannabis documentary “Grass is Greener” on Netflix.
vanity fair

Vox explains the 420 holiday. ????At WW California, Donny asks what 420 means in the time of legalization.

Designer Jonathan Adler, who calls himself an “aesthetic libertine” has a new line of cannabis adjacent accessories. They look like ashtrays.

OKWhatever explains why you can’t tell when you smell like weed.