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Canopy/Wana tie-up caps week of big deals
Canopy Growth, one of Canada's largest operators, agreed to acquire Colorado-based edibles maker Wana Brands for 297.5M once U.S. federal law makes it permissible.Wana is the top U.S. edibles brand by market share. It also has a substantial portion of Read More...

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Leading execs talk tough at retreat

This week a group called Trailblazers hosted a small, elite conference in Ojai, Calif.Jackie Bryant filed two dispatches for The Dales Report. Read both if you want to sound smart at the cattle call in Vegas next week. Dispatch one focuses...

Why Michigan’s caregiver fight matters

There's an ambient tension in cannabis world between folks who make money the old way and those who make it the new way. But the fight over a Michigan bill that would overhaul the state's caregiver system has gotten especially...

Workers comp insurers under pressure to reimburse MED

Claims Journal dives into a new paper from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Workers' Compensation Research Institute on the complex issues at the intersection of MED and workers comp insurance. Some interesting nuggets:Insurers are cutting their...

Calif. law seeks to tame CBD market

A new law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) could go a long way to normalizing the CBD market nationwide.PoliticoWhile the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, the booming, multi-billion dollar CBD market remains unregulated. So while CBD is sold...

Indica/Sativa distinction remains bogus

MJBiz reports more edibles brands are giving up the indica/hybrid/sativa lexicon and accompanying strain names for descriptions of a products' effects. The thinking is new customers are more likely to identify with straightforward descriptions like focus, energy or sleep than...

Trulieve now world’s biggest PotCo

Tallahassee Fla.-area based MSO Trulieve completed its $2.1B acquisition of MSO Harvest and is now the world's largest and most profitable cannabis company.Trulieve initially became the dominant player in Florida, which has recently become a target state for many MSOs....

Ceres, Parallel call off SPAC deal

Ceres Acquisition Corp., and MSO Parallel mutually nixed their plan to go public in a $1.88B SPAC deal. ReutersWhile neither party comment on the break up three sources told Reuters that several investors didn't believe Parallel could delivery on its "lofty"...

MedMen co-founders sue new partners

MedMen co-founders Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin are suing their partners at California retailer Coastal, accusing them of trying to sell the company in a "fire sale."On Monday, The Parent Company said it had agreed to buy Coastal for $56.2M....